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notes — Choose Happiness — Larry R. Lawrence

BYU Devotional — Choose Happiness — Larry R Lawrence

Oct 2015 Conference. In talk suggested members take time to ask the Lord, “What lack I yet?” and then listen for promptings from the Holy Ghost.

Many shared with him what they found. Many expressed that the felt that they should be more cheerful, smile more, or be more thankful.

Heavenly Father wants His children to be happy.

What is the secret to inner happiness? Temple worthy is an obvious answer by being righteous. Gordon B Hinckley shared that, “The more often a person give thanks, the happier they will be.” It might be a worthwhile experiment to see how often you give thanks throughout the day, and then set a goal to increase it.

Thank the Lord in all things, thanks for Trials as well.

We often take for granted the very people that need our gratitude.

Dion Branch, wide receiver for Patriots. Prior to Super Bowl many teammates deal with the big game with poor choices. He chose to call every coach he had and reached out to them. 13 phone calls in all and then to tell them thank you. Thanks for believing in him, making him run chairs, etc etc. They invigorated him. He played his very best.

In my own life, have I expressed thanks when I have a thought of thanksgiving?

I was a stranger and ye took me in…   How important it is that we spread His love and light.

Lucifer uses wedge of discouragement

What lies are we listening to from the devil?

We must continually lift and encourage each other.

Lucifer votes against us, the Savior votes for us, and we cast the final vote.